2 risk Free Bets up to $200

Pointsbet Indiana Sign-Up Offers

Pointsbet is a relatively new betting site, but with a twist! It has some rather unique betting markets combined with plenty of bonuses, which you can find out all about in this short post.

Pointsbet Sign-Up Offer: How to get started (USA / Indiana)

When you talk about rapid expansion, there aren’t many sites out there today that can beat Pointsbet. This brand launched in New Jersey in 2019, and it has since spread to Colorado, Indiana, and Iowa. It’s a great time to get started with this site, and here’s how you do just that:

  1. Click the red sign up button on the Pointsbet homepage
  2. Specify the state you are signing up from, and proceed to enter your details
  3. Provide date of birth, address, gender, full name, and contact number
  4. Create the security question with answer
  5. Officially open the account

Tip – unlike other sites where you need to enter a promo code to get the welcome offer, this isn’t necessary with Pointsbet. Simply complete the sign-up process as you would normally do, and then you can claim the welcome bonus once you’ve signed in for the first time.

Sportsbook welcome offer – two risk-free bets, $100 value each

To understand how this offer works, you first need to know that Pointsbet is a little different from other sites. There are fixed odds as well as ‘Pointsbet’ odds, which are essentially special spread betting markets that the site offers. You can get a risk-free bet of up to $100 for each product, with risk-free meaning that you will be fully reimbursed if your first bet loses.

Since this is the sportsbook welcome offer, you can only take advantage of this one time for each product. Once each of these bets settles, the free bet should be credited back to your account within 24 hours. On the other hand, if your bet actually wins, you just get to keep the winnings and cash them out.

The best element of this bonus is that once you go get the money back in free bets, there are no wagering conditions. This essentially gives you two attempts at placing a winning bet, which isn’t bad at all for a welcome offer.

So, why open an account with Pointsbet?

This is the most important question of all, so please allow us to take the opportunity and show you why creating an account with Pointsbet is a great move. There’s a lot of very appealing features to get through, so let’s jump straight into it.

Unique betting site

We believe that this is a positive thing, as it gives Pointsbet a platform in which to provide betting services that nobody else really has. Pointsbet focuses highly on specialized spread betting markets, whereas other sites tend to focus on fixed prices or live betting markets. Pointsbet still has its fixed markets, yet it has a much higher number of spread bets on offer.

Daily boosted odds

Generally, Pointsbet has quite competitive odds compared with other betting sites, but there’s much more to admire too. There is a whole section dedicated to markets with enhanced odds, and this section is hugely popular with current members. As you can imagine, boosted odds give everyone the chance to bet using a much higher price than you’ll find at other sites.

If you then bet successfully using the boosted odds, your return will be higher than what it would have been if you had simply bet at the regular odds. You will typically find boosted odds for sports like football, tennis, basketball, and soccer, but there are other sports involved too.

24/7 live chat

Isn’t it annoying when something goes wrong and the support hours aren’t open for you to use? Well, that’s a thing of the past with Pointsbet, as you can utilize its 24/7 live chat service to get immediate assistance. This can currently only be used from the desktop site, but it’s still comforting to know that you can receive help at whatever time, day or night. Agents are usually quite quick to jump into the chat too, so you won’t be left waiting forever for someone to come up with an answer to your solutions!

Fully mobile-friendly

There are quite a few sites today that have put together a decent mobile site for those that prefer to bet from their mobile devices. However, Pointsbet hasn’t just settled for that, for it has developed a hugely appealing mobile app, currently available for Android and iOS. You can make use of the entire library of sports offered from this app, as well as enjoy features like cashouts and access to live markets.

Licensed and reputable brand


You would hope that any site that has expanded into several states is fully licensed, and Pointsbet absolutely is. Not only that, it has a presence on an international scale too, which shows that it has a great reputation away from the shores of the USA.

Plenty of cash out markets

For us, this is one of Pointbet’s top features. Having the option to place bets that can be cashed out is always advantageous, as it gives you the chance to profit without waiting for the conclusion of the game. Pointsbet has made this even better too, as you can always see whether a market will be eligible for cashout before even placing the bet. This ensures that you won’t be disappointed after making the bet!

Decent payment options

Pointsbet has gone beyond just the standard options for payments. It now offers players the chance to fund accounts with PayPal, wire transfers, as well as MasterCard and Visa debit cards. This should prove sufficient for the majority of members with Pointsbet.

Pointsbet FAQs – key questions for this exciting site

Who is Pointsbet actually licensed by?

Pointsbet is licensed by the relevant governing body in each of the states that it operates in. For example, in New Jersey, it is licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

In what states is Pointsbet legal?

Right now, Pointsbet is licensed in several states, including New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, and Iowa. This means that if you currently live in these states, you can sign up and start placing real money wagers.

Does this site have any partnerships with physical casinos?

Yes, the site has a partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack, a physical betting location in New Jersey.

Where can I see the current promotions?

You can see what promotions Pointsbet currently has available by checking out the ‘promos’ link on the main site. This can be seen by expanding the menu in the top left corner, and once you click it you can see every bonus that you can claim right now.

What actually is a ‘spread bet’?

A spread bet is where you bet whether an outcome will be in favor of one team or the other according to a set amount of points. For example, you might bet that the Cleveland Cavaliers will beat the Houston Rockets by a spread of -3.5, which means that they must win by 4 or more points for your bet to be correct. Pointsbet offers many variations of traditional spread betting, which is the major unique selling point of this site.

Is there any particular sport that Pointsbet specializes in?

Yes – for NBA events, Pointsbet regularly offers an incredible 500+ number of betting types, which is probably the highest we’ve seen in the entire nation.

What requirements are there to open an account?

Pointsbet might well operate in many different states, but the fundamental requirements to get an account set up are the same. You must live in the state that you are trying to bet from, and you must be over 21 years of age.

Does Pointsbet have any other products?

At the time of writing, Pointsbet does not have any different products besides the sportsbook, but this might well change in the future as the site continues to expand across the nation.

Pointsbet – unique sports betting site

We feel that Pointsbet is a very unique site, so in that respect, it is quite refreshing to use a site that has such a degree of betting varieties. As you’ve found out through this review, there’s a cool $200 on the table for new players, and then you’ve got access to all of the exclusive spread betting markets and main sportsbook that Pointsbet has.

It’s also really cool that Pointsbet has boosted odds on a daily basis, as there aren’t so many sites that offer this kind of value so regularly. When you think about this combined with the appealing welcome bonus, Pointsbet would seem like a good choice over what’s currently out there.

Once you’ve registered you can bet on basically every major North American sport too, including baseball, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, and even soccer. It’s a truly comprehensive betting site, and we’d happily suggest opening an account with Pointsbet.

Final Pros

  • Daily enhanced betting odds
  • Fully mobile-friendly
  • Plenty of cash out sports betting markets